The Shoals Brand Story

Early History

Shoals Technologies Group was founded in 1996 as a component supplier in the automotive industry. Our laser focus on quality and reliability stems from this early experience developing processes to meet the exacting standards of the automotive industry.

Original Shoals Logo

In 2002, Shoals pivoted into the nascent solar industry, first as a component supplier to First Solar, and then later as a provider of cable harnesses to solar EPCs. The modern Shoals Technologies Group was born.


The Shoals 1.0 logo featured a pseudo-realistic solar module in the center of a multi-colored sunflower, a bold wordmark featuring the full name Shoals Technologies Group, and the tagline “Harnessing Your Potential” in reference to the cable harness business. Over time, through developing and deploying many unique patented technologies, Shoals became known as a leading supplier of American-made Electrical Balance of System, or EBOS, solutions that make utility-scale solar installation safer, faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective.


Shoals 2.0

The year 2021 heralded a new era for Shoals Technologies Group, starting with our IPO on January 27. This launch of “Shoals 2.0” marks the expansion of Shoals’ value proposition into energy storage and EV charging infrastructure, as well as international growth. With an expanded value proposition and a new identity as a public company, it was time to update the brand as well.

With much pride and joy, we are delighted to introduce to you our new brand identity:

Shoals_Master_Logo_Tagline_Green logo black text-3Shoals_Master_Logo_Tagline_Green black background-1

Here’s why we’re excited by this new identity and what it means to us at Shoals.

Tribute to Original: The Shoals 2.0 logo is a recognizable refinement of the 1.0 logo, which is well known and recognized amongst our core solar customers. The new logo pays homage to our heritage, yet gives us room to expand.

All lines of business: The icon of the Shoals 2.0 logo represents all our lines of business:

  • Solar: The center of the icon is a solar module, representing our traditional line of business.
  • Storage: Embedded in the center of the solar module is a battery, representing our new energy storage business.
  • EV Charging: The leaves surrounding the center stand for an array of EV charging stations (EVs often use a leaf in their logo), representing our new EV charging business.


Other Icon Elements:

  • Earth: The icon center is a circle, harkening back to planet Earth.
  • Flower: With the surrounding leaves imagined as petals, the earth becomes a flower, reminding us that all Shoals solutions support the environment and sustainability.
  • Clock: The twelve leaves/petals surrounding the center circle represent the face of a clock, reminding us that Shoals’ solutions save valuable installation and O&M time.

Green: We chose a bold, electric green for both the icon and wordmark to illustrate that we deliver “green” solutions, such as energy storage and EV charging—solutions that are environmentally friendly, increase quality and reliability, and reduce LCOE.

Modern/Timeless: The wordmark is updated with a more modern font, while retaining its characteristic bold style. The solar module in the center of the icon has been shifted from pseudo-realistic to iconified with an “old school” feel, making it more timeless.

Simpler: The new logo is simpler and more elegant. We simplified the wordmark (dropping “Technologies Group”) to recognize that customers know and love us as Shoals. Increased spacing between the various elements of both the icon and the wordmark gives the logo a more relaxed feel and enhances readability.

Tagline: At Shoals, we invent technologies that make installing EBOS simple, so our tagline is Inventing Simple. The elegant simplicity of the logo echoes this value proposition in visuals as well as words.

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